In coordination with Broadcast Amsterdam & our sister-website Amsterdam Families, the virtual Expat Family Market offers even more information via this special series of podcasts focused on topics commonly discussed amongst international families.  You can find more English radio shows via Broadcast Amsterdam's website.

Newcomer Tips & Family Healthcare Information

S01E04 | This episode, Lana and Anna talk about all you need to know when you first arrive in NL - including: how does the healthcare system work here?, why do people need a 'relocator'? Daycare, finding a house, bikes, playgrounds, insurance, trust, trailing spouses and more.

Thanks to Lana Huf, from Amsterdam Family Assistance, and co-founder of Expat Family Market for putting together all of this really valuable information! As a local Amsterdammer she’s made a career out of helping international families move and get settled in the city.

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Amsterdam school system with Annebet van Mameren

S01E01 | Everything you need to know about Dutch Education! Annebet van Mameren from New2NL joins Lana and Anna to help you understand a lot more about schools in Amsterdam.

Questions like: when is the best time to start looking for schools (how early before a child turns 4), how does the lottery system in Amsterdam work, what happens if you become unhappy with a school, how do transfers work? And more!


For info see: and the city council's resource:

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Amity International School |
Judith Meijer Interview

01E07 | Lana and Anna of Amsterdam Families radio show talk with Judith Meijer from Amity International School, Amsterdam. Things we learned about Amity International School include: the Amsterdam location being the first in Europe for the global Amity Group of schools, the current numbers of students and class sizes, the curriculum starts at early learners and goes up until 13, but the plan is to accommodate older students in future years, Amity's identity / educational philosophy, what's that 'family' feeling at Amity that make it special, special education programs, integration for international students, getting students and parents involved in the school via their Friends of Amity and Student Agency & Student Voice, and more. Find out more here: 

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