Moving & Housing Support

Whether you are preparing to relocate to Amsterdam or want to move within the city, there are many things to consider! Expat Family Market is happy to feature various experts who support international families with relocation, getting settled in, and finding their dream home. 


Moving to Amsterdam, and need help?

We believe relocation can be easy and not too expensive- as long as you have the help of a local on your side!

Finding you a home

We only do custom made personal searches, so we can guarantee your Dream home in Amsterdam

NO hidden fees

We have clear packages and where we can will try to save YOU money!

Relocation is easy?

Yes, we are convinced we can make your relocation easy! Don't believe us? Have a look at our services!

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Your Expat Handyman 

Looking for a handyman to help with small projects around the house? Germaintenance is the way to go!

From assembling furniture, putting up new blinds, hanging shelves or lamps to cat proofing your balcony. 

When it comes to custom jobs Dave likes to collaborate with you to find the perfect solution that fits your needs. 

When reading through all the recommendations Germaintenance got, you will see Dave is an absolute pleasure to work with. 

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Welcome to Amsterdam! 

Amsterdam Family Assistance doesn’t believe in a standard welcome package, or a manual with some “Dutch” information.

We believe in a personal approach, because every family is different.

An example:

We will have the introduction meeting in the safety of their own home. We offer families a customized Family plan with our 24/7 personal assistance, exploring their neighborhood, an introduction plan based on the families activities, hobbies, sports ,interests, and advise them on other services if needed, like - Riding a bike with confidence, Family Dutch classes, Sleep-coaches, Nannies, and much more. And yes, we will hold their hand, if they need it!

We will make every family feel at home!

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DK Mortgage Consultants 

First-time buyer, self-employed or trading up? 


DK Mortgage Consultants can advise you.

Arranging a mortgage is a complicated process for many people. How do you choose between all the various lenders, mortgage types and terms to maturity?


DK Mortgage Consultants will help you make the right choice that best suits your situation. We arrange your mortgage application from start to finish, so you can simply enjoy your new home without worries.

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‘I wish I met you sooner; that would have made my life so much easier!’


Outsource tasks and create more focus, time and energy for family life, work and yourself.

My name is Patricia Meijer and I’d be glad to offer you more quality time. As a Personal Assistant you can trust me to handle tasks quickly and with the utmost care. No more worrying about everyday things like groceries, parcels, dry cleaning, flowers or gifts. But also household management and the convenience of having just one contact person for the nanny, cleaner, dog walker, gardener. Take care of appointments or reservations for trips, restaurants. In case of a longer travel, a secure feeling because your home is being cared for.


Your own parttime Personal Assistant; available for a short assignment or for recurring tasks.

Surely these are examples, how can I offer you customized support?


During my career in real estate, services and business I noticed that providing personal and professional service can make an important difference and this made me start Call On Me. As a Personal Lifestyle & Property Assistant I can act quickly, take the right and extra steps, while offering increased enjoyment of life for my clients. No more rushing and irritation but time to do the things that really count. Pleasant living, making memories with family and friends, exercising, working; enjoy more peace of mind.


Please feel free to get in contact and start thinking about how you would like to spend your extra time!

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Amsterdam Families

Its sounds obvious but it’s the first and most important step in moving to Amsterdam: preparation. Of course you want to check out all the fun things (the festivals, the restaurants, the museums, and the list goes on) but first and foremost, prepare yourself for the administrative aspects.

Taxes, health care, an appointment at the Gemeente (City Hall). Just some examples of important administrative information you should look at. The way of doing things that you’re used to doing in your home country are most likely very different in the Netherlands.

Read more about moving to Amsterdam on our sister-site: 

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QUESTIONS OR Interested in being a vendor? 

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