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When living abroad you will need to get used to the local healthcare system & may have questions about how to navigate the medical system, both for yourself & your children. You or your family members may also need support related to mental health at some point or you probably also want to know the best places to pamper yourself or enjoy a nice manicure or skin treatment. Expat Family Market features various resources to help you and your family find more information on health, wellness & self-care services in Amsterdam. 

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InnerWorks Atelier is an multilingual & intercultural practice for Therapy and Coaching, where Amsterdam Internationals are welcomed for their healing and transformational journeys.

As an integrative and client-centred space, next to talk therapy, InnerWorks Atelier is offering a range of experiential interventions in psychotherapy such as Mindfulness, Trance, Hypnoses, EMDR and Brainspotting. Our aim is to provide you with tailor-made guidance to get you to stabilise, release, rewire and be at your unlimited potential.

The sessions are possible in 4 languages: English, French, Arabic or Dutch. Since 2020, it is very common to choose hybrid format at InnerWorks Atelier, alternating online and in-person sessions when preferred.

To all who are open for change and healing; whether you are dealing with anxiety, loss, burn-out, chronic stress, fears, insecurities, relationship dilemmas, work related challenges or existential questions, know that all the knowledge and strength you need is already in you. Life events, limiting beliefs & negative behavioural patterns have become a hindrance to your inner wisdom and strength.

InnerWorks Atelier is committed to providing you with practical tools, effective strategies and life skills to achieve your goals optimally. So, feel free to connect Schedule an Appointment – InnerWorks Atelier. Let us know how InnerWorks can be of service to you!


Partial reimbursement for Therapy is possible. Check your health insurance policy.

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Expath Coaching

Expath Coaching provides online life coaching and counseling for English speakers living in the Netherlands and beyond.

Marieke Johnson, owner and coach, specializes in working with school-aged children, adolescents and young adults. Growing up with both American and Dutch roots, Marieke is a Masters level therapist with twenty years of experience.

Support is offered for a variety of concerns including managing stress, anxiety and depression, education and career goals, improving family communication and relationships, and adjusting to living abroad. Expath Coaching uses activities and interventions from Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral therapy (DBT), or Family Systems therapy individualized to meet client needs.

Online sessions, typically one hour, are offered after-school and early evenings to accommodate busy schedules. Expath Coaching offers customized packages for families that include individual sessions with your child or teen, parent check-ins and family group sessions. Initial consultations (30 minutes) are always free!

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From Head to Toes 

From Head to Toes massage company provides its clients with healthy massage service benefits at their home. 


Home massage sessions are a comfort that clients can create in their own environment, from garden to living room space. It is a luxury not to rush to get to a massage session, instead allow massage to come to you with all that is required for your treatment. A custom massage session in your home will deliver not only full benefits of massage experience but will allow you to save your time and resources.

To best meet our clients’ needs, From Head to Toes massage company offers various massage types & techniques to custom build massage that addresses problem area(s) or just enhance relaxation.

We use unscented jojoba oil that is custom mixed with essential oil for aromatherapy affect per client request. Massage therapist educates clients in self-care if needed between massage sessions to enhance overall wellness.

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Happy Around the Globe

Happy Around the Globe is a coaching company that helps people and organisations thrive in an international and intercultural environment.


Sophie Bosch- van Doorn is the founder of Happy Around the Globe. She has a Master Degree in International Business from the University of Maastricht, is an Accredited Coach by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) and the NOBCO (The Dutch Coaching Council), and a Certified Intercultural Trainer for Argonaut’s CultureConnector Assessment.


Besides these accreditations, she has extensive hands-on intercultural experience, since she has lived in 5 foreign countries herself. Her coaching style is unique, since she combines proven coaching methods with intercultural sensitivity. Coaching is done in Amsterdam, Amstelveen or online. 


Areas of expertise:

  • Help you to achieve happiness, success and personal growth in a country with a culture different than your own

  • Let you overcome culture shock as quickly as possible, so you are able to show your full potential

  • Help homesickness to fade away

  • Take away your doubts about an upcoming migration

  • When you are accompanying your partner abroad, I make sure your dreams come true as well

  • Help you figure out what would be a good next (international) career step

  • Help you to create meaningful connections in a foreign country

  • Boost your confidence in interculturally challenging situations (e.g. being a female employee in a masculine cultural environment)

  • Adapting to a foreign working style without losing yourself

  • Increase your intercultural awareness, so you can be a better leader for your multicultural team

Sophie will help you love your life abroad in no time, so book your free call now!

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Healthcare in The Netherlands

Looking for more information about the Dutch healthcare system - how to find a GP, who to call after hours & when to see which type of doctor? We have put together a comprehensive guide about navigating the healthcare system for families in The Netherlands on Amsterdamfamilies.com.

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