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The founders of Expat Family Market, Lana and Anna, are both local Moms raising multi-cultural kids (Lana is Dutch with an American partner & Anna is American with a Dutch partner). They both shared a passion for using their knowledge gained from their own experiences to support other expat families & decided to collaborate on the idea of organizing a special event for families in the Amsterdam area.

And since September 1st we are joined by Gabrielle Lazoore (USA) as our new Social Media Manager.


Through their work as entrepreneurs with businesses supporting local families and their own journeys as parents living in the area, they realized how many great resources are available for families living in the Amsterdam area, but that it can still be difficult to navigate the local systems, find the right resources, and build a strong community while living abroad.

The Expat Family Market is the only family-focused expat fair in Amsterdam. With a goal to make navigating life with kids a bit easier for local international families.

The Expat Family Market focuses on highlighting small local businesses - many run by international parents - who have personal experience living in Amsterdam and raising a multicultural family.

These business owners provide valuable resources for families living in the area & the Expat Family Market brings them all together in one place!

Each event features a wide variety of businesses & always includes an aspect of creating a fun day out for families - also to meet each other and build up their own local community.

The Expat Family Market also always includes a partnership with a local non-profit organization and a portion of the profits of each event is donated to a good cause.

The Expat Family Market will return - virtually - starting on October 1st, 2021!


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